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Staff Physician

Staff Physician

Staff Physician

Job Title: Hyperbaric Staff Physician



Reports to: Medical Director

Status: [   ] Exempt   [   ] Non-Exempt


Consistent with the hospital’s hyperbaric medicine physician credentialing policy, and to include:

  1. MD or DO.
  2. Board certified or board eligible in a major clinical specialty, consistent with ACGME standards.
    1. Completion of ‘Primary Training in Hyperbaric Medicine’ prior to beginning hyperbaric medicine practice.


  1. Provides attendance and supervision of hyperbaric medicine patients in accordance with both the hospital medical staff credentialing and local CMS fiscal intermediary policies.
  2. Provides documentary evidence into the patient record that validates attendance and supervision.
  3. Assists, as appropriate, in the medical supervision of clinical staff.
  4. Assists, as appropriate, in the routine operation of the hyperbaric medicine facility.


  1. Provides consultation on behalf of patients referred for evaluation and treatment recommendations.
  2. Records into each patient’s medical record, including all necessary documentation, consultation reply, any necessary tissue oximetry interpretation, treatment supervision, related case management issues and a discharge summary.
  3. Remains immediately available to manage patient emergencies that may occur during the patient’s time within the hyperbaric facility.
  4. Maintains communication with referring physicians, as appropriate.
  5. Communicates with the Hyperbaric Safety Director regarding any safety-related issues.
  6. Participates equitably in the on-call roster.
  7. Participates equitably in the quality improvement process.
  8. Hyperbaric medicine physicians must complete a minimum of either 10 hours of hyperbaric medicine specific category 1 CME each year or a total of 30 hours of CME within the preceding 3-year period. If local requirements or the requirements of certification agencies exceed these standards, the CME requirements of the physician's certification and privileging agencies should be followed. 
  9. Participates in monthly hyperbaric facility safety drills.
  10. Maintain currency with all Safety Notices.


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