Comprehensive and Feature-Rich Wound Care Support

WoundReference was designed to be your all-in-one resource for the latest point-of-care wound care information.
Wound Care Knowledge
Access the latest topics on wound care from any device, anytime. Enjoy our FREE topics, or subscribe for access to premium content.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Knowledge
Access hyperbaric oxygen therapy evidence-based treatment protocols, orders, safety guidelines, coding, reimbursement and documentation.
Curbside Consult
Submit your questions and images to our panel of wound care and HBO experts. Receive personalized, actionable answers in a few hours.
Wound Care Telehealth
With the free and simple HIPAA-compliant telemedicine tool, you can instantly see patients, and discuss cases with colleagues remotely. Premium subscriptions include a documentation tool to meet CMS billing requirements and generate EHR notes.
"I see this as a tool that every Wound Care Center could benefit from. It is a one-stop shop for all things Wound Care and HBO."
Erin Ensz
RN, BSN (Lawrence Memorial)
Product Navigator
Choose best products for your patients and practice. Generate customized patient handouts. Access product info, pricing, suppliers, coverage, reimbursement and ratings.
Patient Handouts
Customized Patient Handouts
Improve patient satisfaction and adherence with easily generated patient handouts. Print or email in seconds from your forumulary or product search results.
Organization Formularies
Publish and maintain always up to date group or organization formulary. Easily share formulary with institutions to facilitate transition of care.
Specialist Finder
Increase your program visibility and collaborate with colleagues on our specialists network. Complete your personal profile and account profile.
Assessment Tool
Step through our assessment wizard to generate a differential diagnosis and personalized treatment plan. Generate summary notes to copy into your EMR.
Instantly create your own library and list of favorite products to collaborate with colleagues. Easily share formulary with institutions to facilitate transition of care.
Compare Products
Quickly compare wound care product features across type and category within a sortable feature matrix.
Prep & Dress Wizard
Input wound and patient characteristics to quickly generate relevant wound preperation and dressing suggestions.
Dressing Change Brochure
Print visually aided step-by-step brochures specific to patient's dressing change needs. Available in Spanish with your branding.
Staff Competencies
Create customized staff competencies with links to educational content within WoundReference.
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