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Leverage our online knowledge to properly bill and code for maximum wound care reimbursement.
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Better Coding. Higher Reimbursables.

Timely, accurate diagnoses reduce unnecessary treatments and admissions, improving overall outcomes. We empower our Wound Care clinicians with the tools to be more efficient and informed. Many Wound Care professionals rely on WoundReference to improve diagnostic accuracy, enhance medical education, and engage patients in their treatment. Wound Reference helps providers and staff save time and money while improving quality measures

Why WoundReference
  • Optimize claims reimbursement with our effective documentation checklists that support medical necessity
  • Implement lean billing for a more efficient billing workflow that maximized revenue and minimizes audit risk
  • Improve CMS quality measures - by our following our easy guide and simply using our decision support tools
  • Improve patient satisfaction - and adherence with our personalized and engaging patient handouts
  • Document medical necessity - with indication specific checklists
  • Save time when educating patients - evidence at your fingertips to support your recommendations
  • Make decisions with confidence - at the point-of-care using evidence-based topics, protocols and checklists
Features for Billers & Coders
  • Always up-to-date, actionable topics, protocols and checklists
  • Simple to complex questions, with timely feedback from experienced experts
  • Share your virtual room with colleagues and patients from your desktop or mobile device
Make the right decisions with confidence.