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Non-Physician Training Guidelines

Non-Physician Training Guidelines

Non-Physician Training Guidelines


Effective Date:


  1. Must have successfully completed at least a 40 credit hour, NBDHMT-approved Hyperbaric Medicine Introductory course.
  2. Vocational/Practical Nurses and Respiratory Therapy Technicians must be licensed, if required, in their specialty in the state in which they perform duties.
  3. Must hold BLS certification.
  4. Should have a working knowledge of decompression procedures.
  5. Should be certified by the (NBDHMT) within 1 year of completing a Hyperbaric Medicine Introductory Course.
  6. Should participate in professional organizations such as the Associates of the UHMS and the BNA.
  7. Should attend courses specifically relates to operational hyperbaric safety issues.
  8. Hyperbaric chamber technicians should have training and/or experience in hyperbaric chamber maintenance, to include a mechanical background where appropriate.

NOTE:  In an emergency, medical personnel may be used as additional tenders for multiplace and monoplace hyperbaric facilities to deliver specialized or specific medical care not routinely in the training of regular hyperbaric staff.  Such personnel must be screened by the responsible hyperbaric physician/director and properly oriented to the hyperbaric environment, including hyperbaric safety and emergency procedures, and should function under the supervision of fully trained and responsible hyperbaric staff.


This policy shall be reviewed and, if necessary, revised at least every year.

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Reviewed Date:

Revised Date:

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