A Free & Easy Telehealth Solution: TeleVisit Tool 2.0

This HIPAA-compliant, all-in-one solution offers everything you and your practice need to implement telehealth services across all care settings.
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A complete solution to improve patient outcomes and optimize revenue
The Televisit Tool 2.0 is the first telehealth solution designed for wound clinicians, by wound clinicians to ensure better outcomes, continuity of care, and seamless integration into your practice. Our three core qualities:

Our three core qualities

  • User-friendliness
  • Wound care-specificity
  • Versatility
Simple, user-friendly interface

Patients, caregivers, and skilled nursing facility clinicians are empowered to successfully navigate wound care telehealth. Traditional barriers to high-quality remote care are eliminated, with no required downloads, invitation via SMS/email, and real-time instructional materials.

Designed by wound clinicians who understand your practice

The ability to issue customizable patient education materials, access clinical decision support, take images of wounds, and simultaneously document encounters enables your practice to provide superior and efficient care.

Tailored to enhance multiple CMS-billable workflow scenarios

The TeleVisit Tool 2.0 is versatile, allowing for personalized use to best suit your needs. Step-by-step guides enable you to increase profitability and capture all reimbursement opportunities with workflow scenarios such as:

Provider to Patient

See patients remotely via videoconferencing

Wound Rounds

See back-to-back patients at long-term care facilities

Interprofessional Consultation

Consult colleagues, obtain patient-specific recommendations


Engage in patient-initiated secure messaging via online portal


Remotely evaluate patient-submitted images

Virtual Check-In

Determine if conditions require an in-person appointment

TeleVisit Tool 2.0 Features
HIPAA Compliance
Front/Rear Camera Switch
Documentation with Automatic Time Tracking for Billing
Business Associates Agreement
Waiting Room
Clinical Reimbursement Decision Support
No downloads/Installations: Invitations via SMS/Email
Patient Portal
Patient Education Materials
HD Quality
Secure Messaging
Clinical and Patient Televisit Training

A transformed wound care landscape—here to stay

The TeleVisit Tool 2.0 is connecting an extensive network of patients, skilled nursing facility clinicians, and providers, advancing safe, high-quality remote wound care during the COVID-19 emergency. As compared to 2019, the Tool has facilitated a 1700% increase in total TeleVisit encounters from January to October 2020. However, the results are in—telemedicine is transforming wound care, and it’s here to stay.

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TeleVisit Tool 2.0 - Free Edition

  • HD, HIPAA-compliant video calls
  • Patient/Requestor Dashboard access
  • No hidden fees or expiration date

TeleVisit Tool 2.0 - Premium Edition

  • Unlimited HD, HIPAA-compliant video calls
  • Patient/Requestor Dashboard access
  • Audit-ready documentation templates and reporting
  • Secure messaging for file sharing, patient education, and remote monitoring
  • Advanced workflow access: Interprofessional Consultation, Wound Rounds, eVisits, and more