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WoundReference is a clinical decision support platform that covers all aspects of wound care and hyperbaric therapy. From evidence-based, peer-reviewed and constantly updated clinical content, to continuing education, documentation and reimbursement, we deliver reliable answers when you need them

Enhance compliance with regulatory, accreditation and quality standards

  • Onboard, train and manage your team’s ongoing competencies with ease
  • Empower clinicians to make decisions with confidence at the point-of-care, establish medical necessity for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and choose the correct treatment protocol
  • Fulfill CME/CE and HBOT Category A requirements for recertification, credentialing and accreditation
  • Increase patient adherence & satisfaction while saving clinicians’ time with HBOT-specific patient education resources
Assess and treat wounds
Assess and treat wounds

Optimize documentation and reimbursement

  • Leverage documentation and coding tools to reduce claim denials or improper payments
  • Empower your team to generate audit-ready documentation that support medical necessity

Strengthen operational safety in your hyperbaric program

  • Enhance your program with resources such as safety guidelines, Go/No-Go lists, Go/No-go prohibited items risk assessment, and emergency procedures
  • Receive timely, customized answers from our virtual panel of specialists
Assess and treat wounds
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WoundReference supports the IHI Quadruple Aim for Healthcare

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"The clinic as a whole is safer, more compliant and consistent in care because of WoundReference.”

E.E., Wound Care and Hyperbaric Nurse, Kansas

"I have not seen anything like this web-based resource that provides the clinician with the tools and reference material needed to effectively manage and sustain a productive, patient centered wound care and hyperbaric clinic."

W.G., Director of Hyperbaric Technical Operations, Minnesota

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