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Baromedical Nurses Association Partnership
The Baromedical Nurses Association (BNA) was established in June 1985 to provide registered nurses practicing in hyperbaric medicine a formal organization within which nurses can develop a network and provide professional support. This organization has grown and expanded outside the boundaries of the United States. Today, the BNA has members in Europe, Asia, South and Central America and the South Pacific. The BNA remains dedicated to offering educational opportunities, support of nursing research efforts, a presence on Committees and Boards of national organizations, to having a public voice in those issues which impact nursing, and to provide opportunities for networking and information exchange.
Mid-America Wound Healing Society
MidAmerica Wound Healing Society (MAWHS) was formed by people who are truly passionate about wound care. MAWHS' mission is to provide a forum to collaborate, educate and improve over all outcomes for the clients we serve. MAWHS has partnered with WoundReference to bring its members customized educational webinars, opportunities to collaborate through the Specialist Finder Module, and evidence-based clinical decision support at the point-of-care. MAWHS members have access to WoundReference Free Basic accounts and receive a 20% discount off premium plans annual subscriptions. MAWHS holds Quarterly Meetings and the Partners in Wound Healing Annual Conference in Kansas, to which WoundReference subscribers have special discounts.


Associação Portuguesa de Tratamento de Feridas
Associação Portuguesa de Tratamento de Feridas (APTFeridas) Founded in 1998, APTFeridas is one of the main national reference associations in the area of wound prevention and treatment in Portugal. APTFeridas is also member of the EWMA.ORG
ELCOS - Sociedade Portuguesa de Feridas is a national scientific society, multidisciplinary, formed by professional workers in areas of knowledge, which, as a matter of interest, promotes debate, training and investigation in wound care. The association is the most relevant wound care association in Portugal having more than 1200 members. ELCOS is also part of the EWMA.ORG
Associação Portuguesa de Tratamento de Feridas
The Malta Association of Skin and wound Care (MASC) is a Non- Governmental Association that promotes and models good care and practice within the fields of Skin and Wound Care while facilitating and promoting educational activities for Nurses in the Topics of Skin and Wound Care. As an association it supports, promotes and carries out research on related nursing topics. MASC provides expert advice that is evidence-based, up-to-date and unbiased information on dermatology and wound care while also influencing the development of a health policy with regards to wound care and dermatology.
Associação Portuguesa de Tratamento de Feridas
GNEAUPP is an interdisciplinary group founded in 1994, which has as main objectives: 1. To address the problem of PUs and other chronic wounds in our environment and make society aware of these important health problems in order to reduce their incidence and prevalence. 2. Collaborate in the genesis, discussion and dissemination of scientific knowledge that allow the different professionals involved in the care of PUs and other chronic wounds to develop a comprehensive care practice based on the latest scientific evidence. GNEAUPP is also member of the EWMA.ORG

Industry Awards

JWC Award
WoundReference wins the Journal of Wound Care Cost-effective Wound Management Award

Local wound dressing formularies reinforce use of clinically appropriate and cost-effective products. The process of creating and maintaining a local wound dressing formulary is a multi-step approach that is time-consuming and discouraging to clinicians. Furthermore, the traditional intranet/print formats limit point-of-care access and interdepartmental dissemination.

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