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Orientation Series

Orientation Series


Orientation Series



  • Review the topics below at your own pace. 
  • Earn CME/CE credits while reading each topic. You can keep track of the credits you earned on your CME/CE Dashboard. Currently, upon completion of this Module, you will be able to earn 10 CME/CE.
  • After reviewing all topics, complete the Quizzes at the end of the Module to test your knowledge. Quizzes are not necessary in order to earn CME/CE credits, however they help identify relevant clinical points and enhance your learning experience. 

The Basics

Introduction to Wound Care

  • How to Assess a Patient with Chronic Wounds (0.5 CME/CE)
  • Principles of Wound Healing (0.5 CME/CE)
  • Assessment

    Patient Management

    Local wound care

    Treatment and Prevention of Common Conditions

    Treating underlying causes


    More quizzes to be added soon

    Test your knowledge (not required for CME/CE, but a certificate will be emailed upon completion of each quiz)

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