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Products that inhibit collagenase enzymatic activity

Products that inhibit collagenase enzymatic activity

Products that inhibit collagenase enzymatic activity

The interactive table below shows which products (antibacterial/antifungal active ingredients, iodine/silver/other wound dressings) inhibit the enzymatic activity of collagenase. Inhibition % refers to how much of the collagenase enzymatic activity is inhibited in the presence of the product analyzed. We suggest clinicians avoid using collagenase with products with high inhibition % in the same dressing.
Instructions: 1. Select number of entries (rows) to be displayed on the table. 2. Click on the header of each column to sort (e.g., click on "Product Name" to sort by product names in alphabetical order), or use the "search" field to find a specific productSourceAdapted from Jovanovic et al, 2012 [1]. 
Product Type  Product Name Inhibition (%) Description Manufacturer
Antibacterial active Mafenide Acetate 0.0 Sulfonamide-based antimicrobial Sigma Aldrich
Antibacterial active Mupirocin 0.0 Carbohydrate-based antimicrobial Sigma Aldrich
Antibacterial active Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.0 Biguanide-based/ antimicrobial Sigma Aldrich
Antibacterial active p-DADMAC (from Bioguard gauze) 0.0 Bacteriostatic polymer Sigma Aldrich
Antibacterial active Neomycin 0.0 Carbohydrate-based antimicrobial ICN
Antibacterial active Polysporine 1.2 Protein antimicrobial mixture Johnson and Johnson
Antibacterial active Gentamycin Sulfate 9.8 Carbohydrate-based antimicrobial DPT
Antibacterial active Silver sulfadiazine 51.0 Silver-containing antimicrobial Sigma Aldrich
Antibacterial active Benzalkonium Chloride 99.0 Cationic surfactant antimicrobial Sigma Aldrich
Antibacterial dressing Bactroban Cream 0.0 Antibacterial cream Glaxo Smith Kline
Antibacterial dressing Sulfamylon Cream 0.0 Antibacterial cream UDL Laboratories
Antibacterial dressing Clindamycin Phosphate Gel 0.0 Antibacterial hydrogel Greenstone LLC
Antibacterial dressing Gentamycin Sulfate Ointment 13.0 Antibacterial cream E.Fougera Co.
Antibacterial dressing Anasept Gel 83.0 Wound Dressing Anacapa Technologies
Antibacterial dressing Kerlix Gauze (PHMB) 100.0 Bacteriostatic gauze Kendall Healthcare
Antifungal Active Metronidazole 100.0 Antifungal agent DPT
Iodine dressing Iodoform 1.6 Iodoform-impregnated gauze Invacare
Iodine dressing Iodosorb 87.0 Iodine gel Smith-Nephew
Iodine dressing Iodoflex 93.8 Iodine dressing Smith-Nephew
Silver dressing Algidex Ag 3.8 Ionic silver alginate wound dressing DeRoyal
Silver dressing Allevyn Ag 7.6 Ionic silver urethane Smith & Nephew
Silver dressing Aquacel Ag 7.7 Hydrofiber silver dressing ConvaTec
Silver dressing Mepilex Ag 15.7 Ionic silver silicone dressing Molnlycke
Silver dressing Maxorb Ag 18.0 Ionic silver alginate wound dressing Medline
Silver dressing Silvasorb 25.0 Ionic silver Medline
Silver dressing Silverlon 44.3 Elemental Silver Argentum Medical, LLC
Silver dressing Acticoat 52.4 Nanocrystalline silver Smith-Nephew
Silver dressing Silvadene (10%) 67.0 1% Silver sulfadiazine in cream base Keltman Pharmaceuticals
Wound dressing Xeroform 0.0 Bismuth in petrolatum gauze Kendall Healthcare
Wound dressing Hydrofera 0.0 Dye-containing bacteriostatic dressing Hydrofera LLC
Wound dressing Proshield 0.0 PEG-based semi-solid dressing Healthpoint Biotherapeutics
Wound dressing Aquasorb 0.0 Hydrogel-polyurethane dressing DeRoyal
Wound dressing Multipad 0.0 Non-adherent dressing DeRoyal
Wound dressing Covaderm 0.0 Absorbent-adhesive dressing DeRoyal
Wound dressing Sofsorb 0.0 Super Absorbent dressing DeRoyal
Wound dressing Transeal 0.0 Transparent film dressing (polyurethane) DeRoyal
Wound dressing Allevyn 0.0 Hydrocellular dressing Smith & Nephew
Wound dressing Carrasyn Hydrogel 0.0 Carbopol-based hydrogel Medline
Wound dressing Anasept Spray 0.0 Sodium hypochlorite-based cleanser Anacapa T echnologies
Wound dressing MicrocynRx Spray 0.0 Sodium hypochlorite-based cleanser Oculus
Wound dressing Dakin's Solution (4X diluted) 0.0 Sodium hypochlorite-based cleanser Century Pharmaceuticals
Wound dressing Biolex 0.0 Poloxamine 908 and potassium-sorbate based cleanser BARD
Wound dressing Shur-Clens 0.0 Poloxamer188-based cleanser Convatec
Wound dressing VASHE wound therapy 0.0 Hypochlorite-based cleanser Puricore
Wound dressing Fibracol 2.7 Collagen-based Alginate dressing Systagenix
Wound dressing Procellera 5.8 Wound dressing Vomaris
Wound dressing Oasis 6.1 SIS product Healthpoint Biotherapeutics
Wound dressing Mepilex 10.4 Soft silicone foam dressing Molnlycke
Wound dressing Clorpactin 20.9 Hypochlorite-based cleanser Guardian Laboratories
Wound dressing Medihoney 22.3 Leptospermum Honey dressing Derma Sciences
Wound dressing Lactated Ringers Solution pH 6.7 25.0 Sodium lactate based-cleanser Hospira Inc
Wound dressing Restore 35.2 Poloxamer 188 and alkyl paraben- based cleanser Hollister
Wound dressing Seaclens 42.0 Non-ionic surfactant- and EDTA- based cleanser Coloplast
Wound dressing Dermal Wound Cleanser 52.0 Non-ionic surfactant and EDTA-based cleanser with benzethonium chloride Smith & Nephew
Wound dressing Gentell Wound cleanser 63.0 Amphotheric surfactant-based cleanser Gentell
Wound dressing Allclenz 68.8 Amphotheric surfactant-based cleanser Healthpoint Biotherapeutics
Wound dressing Glucan Pro Cream 3000 69.0 Petrolatum-based dressing Brennen Medical
Wound dressing Skintegrity 70.0 Amphotheric surfactant- and EDTA- based cleanser Medline
Wound dressing Bismuth Formic Iodide (BFI) 75.9 BFI in talc powder base Numark Laboratories
Wound dressing 3M Wound Cleanser 76.2 Pyridoxine- and Zn-salts-based cleanser 3M
Wound dressing SAF-Clens AF 77.7 Amphotheric surfactant-based cleanser Convatec
Wound dressing Dermaklenz 84.3 Pyridoxine HCl- and alcohol-based cleanser Dermarite Industries LLC
Wound dressing Prontosan Gel (10%) 96.5 PHMB-containing gel B.Braun Medical
Wound dressing Microklenz 100.0 Amphotheric surfactant-based cleanser with benzethonium chloride Medline
Wound dressing CarraKlenz 100.0 Anionic surfactant-based cleanser Medline
Wound dressing Multidex Gel < 5.0 Maltodextrin gel dressing DeRoyal
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  1. Jovanovic A, Ermis R, Mewaldt R, Shi L, Carson D et al. The Influence of Metal Salts, Surfactants, and Wound Care Products on Enzymatic Activity of Collagenase, the Wound Debriding Enzyme Wounds.;volume 24(9):242-253.
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