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Debridement - Procedures, Protocols, Tools

Debridement - Procedures, Protocols, Tools

Debridement - Procedures, Protocols, Tools

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Topic 1017 Version 1.0


This topic provides practical guidance on how to perform conservative sharp wound debridement, assess effectiveness, troubleshoot, code and document each procedure. See step-by-step protocols with pictures, video, checklists and documentation template.

  Product Inhibition (%) Description Manufacturer Antibacterial active Mafenide Acetate 0.0 Sulfonamide-based antimicrobial Sigma Aldrich Antibacterial active Mupirocin 0.0 Carbohydrate-based antimicrobial Sigma Aldrich Antibacterial active Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.0 Biguanide-b

Interactive look-up tool. Provides a summary of regulations on conservative sharp wound debridement issued by each U.S. Board of Nursing, focusing on scope of practice for nursing professionals.


This topic provides the steps for collecting a superficial wound swab for wound culture and susceptibilities (C&S) when there is a suspected wound infection.