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Jennifer Barta,

Non-clinical consultants - strategy/operation/other
Jennifer Barta's Background
Jennifer Barta is a blogger with a passion for covering the evolving trends in healthcare. Her goal is to inform her readers of the latest innovations so they are better informed on what is happening in the healthcare industry. In her free time she loves to hike with her two dogs.

About Woundreference
WoundReference is the only decision support platform designed exclusively for wound care and hyperbaric oxygen clinicians. Our point-of-care tools enable clinicians to work more efficiently.

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  • How the Digital Age is Transforming Wound Care
    Impact of the digital age in healthcare It is widely understood at this point that the ever-increasing digitization of our world has begun to change the healthcare industry. There are countless ways already in which modern technology is changing how healthcare facilities operate, moving patient data to the cloud, and more. It’s likely we’re only in the early stages of these changes, and
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