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WoundReference is a clinical decision support platform for hyperbaric and wound care clinicians at the point-of-care.

Wound Care Knowledge Base

Quickly be on top of the latest evidence and reimbursement data

  • Wound Care Knowledge Base - Provide optimal wound care treatment and prevention with evidence-based, graded recommendations
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Knowledge Base - Make the right decisions at the point-of-care with reliable clinical and operational support: evidence-based treatment protocols, orders, safety guidelines, coding, reimbursement and documentation (medical necessity checklists, initial consultation and daily treatment notes guidelines)

Expedite patient care and enhance patient confidence in clinical decisions

  • Curbside Consult - From simple to complex questions, get individualized, timely feedback from experienced hyperbaric and wound care experts
  • Telehealth - Simple, secure, private virtual room for you to instantly see your patients and discuss cases with your colleagues remotely - no downloads needed
  • Assessment Tool (coming soon) - Easily assess differential diagnoses, risk factors and treatment options for non-healing ulcers
Curbside Consult
Wound Care Telehealth, Consult and Assessment
Wound Care Specialist Network

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  • Increase your online presence and visibility
  • Collaborate with other specialists
  • Opt to receive inquiries from new patients
Specialist Network

Save time and money - streamline workflow

  • Product Navigator - Choose the right products for your patients with interactive feature matrices and unbiased editors' recommendations (we don’t take paid ads)
  • Personalized Patient Handouts - Increase patient adherence by providing specific information on products, pricing, coverage and suppliers
  • Customized formularies and peer collaboration - Set up, optimize and share your institution’s formulary. See formularies from other institutions to improve transition of care
Product Navigator
Wound Care Product Navigator

Decision Support you can Trust

I like the ability to give patient educational handouts on the information about the wound dressings. I love the ability to compare different dressings.
Bethanie Leintz:
RN, BSN, CWCA (Providence Medical Center)
Big time saver since all the research is done for you.
Brenda Harrison
RN, CHRN (Mosaic Life Care)
I see this as a tool that every Wound/HBO Center could benefit from having access to. It is a one-stop shop for all things wound care and HBO.
Erin Ensz
RN, BSN (Lawrence Memorial)
Make the right Wound Care decisions with confidence.