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Hello I was reading the Evidence-based indications accepted by the UHMS and Medicare, and it mentioned < 4,000cGy of radiation. If one is unable to obtain radiation treatment notes does this not qualify them for HBO treatment?

Thank you,
James Yoo
Jun 27, 2022 by James Yoo, RN
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David Charash
It is of the utmost importance to obtain the very details of the radiation treatment. The three areas of concern 1) Total Cumulative Dose of Radiation 2) Last Dose of Radiation Treatment and 3)The direction the radiation beam

Although Marx (DDS) described doses of greater than 6,000 Cgy that are more likely to lead to osteonecrosis of the mandible after dental extraction, individuals can have different sensitivities to lower doses. Understanding total dose of radiation includes all level of radiation including the cumulative effect of external beam, internal beam (brachytherapy) and rarely Intravenous. Studies show benefit to treating delayed effect of radiation(greater than six months) with Hyperbaric Therapy. Noting location/ direction of radiation beam/treatment would be key to understanding if in fact the area of concern is related to radiation.

To your question: In the past , there have been dermatologic conditions that have been treated by radiation. The treatment doses are as low as 50 cry cumulatively. I would want to know the above information before I would consider proceeding. I was once in a situation where the radiation treatment center was no longer in existence. There were no medical records. Treatment was over 15 years ago. I was able to track down the report from a past PMD that had the info in his medical records. The patient had a title dose of 50 cry for a term condition to his foot.

Of course concerns for compliance and authorization via third party is another concern. I hope this answers your question.
Jun 27, 2022
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