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This might be a silly question. I tried to research it, but when using an alginate dressing a superficial wound do you cut to fit or overlap? If it is draining large amounts I cannot imagine a small piece would suffice. If it is a deep would, is it ok to pack and place another piece on top? Thank you
Jun 20, 2022 by Melissa Khoo,
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Mike White
Per the 3M Tegaderm Alginate AG dressing package insert

Dressing Application:
1. Remove the dressing from the package.
2. For superficial wounds, the dressing may be cut or folded to fit the wound site. For use in wounds with depth, loosely fill the wound with the
dressing making sure that the dressing does not overlap onto the wound margin or surrounding skin. Discard unused dressing.
3. Apply directly to the wound bed
4. Secure with an appropriate non‑occlusive cover dressing to help manage the wound drainage.
Jun 20, 2022
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