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Have been using Medihoney. Yellow tissue is adhered and debridement was done last week
Nov 29, 2021 by Trina Thompson,
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Elaine Horibe Song
Hi Trina
Thank you for sharing this case with us. Cathy, Scott and I looked at it and here are some initial thoughts:

Regarding the anatomical area: 
-Wondering where the wound is located? It seems like it's on one of the buttocks?

It'd be important to address the cause of the wound and co-factors impeding healing so that the wound heals: 
- Does the patient have any comorbidities? Incontinence? Reduced mobility? Local friction?
- Is this the first time the patient has this type of wound? Or is it recurrent (there seems to be some local scarring)?
- Is there any history of local inflammation? (ingrown hair, abscess, carbuncle, folliculitis, fistula)? 

Local wound exam:
- Can't tell for sure by looking at the picture, but is there macerated epithelium? 
- Has the wound bed been probed for any tunneling?

 Local wound care: 
- If there is no tunneling, one option is to use a collagen dressing with silver (e.g. endoform silver), and cover with foam
- If incontinence/friction related injury, one option is to treat with zinc paste (if the lesion seems to be unilateral, it would be less likely it's incontinence related, as those are most often mirrored)
- Also, please refer to the Prep and Dress Tool for other dressing recommendations

It'd be important to address the underlying etiology and cofactors impeding healing.

Hope this helps!
Nov 30, 2021
Yes, it's on the right buttock.
Yes, incontinence and reduced mobility. First time with this type of wound. No history of inflammation. No tunneling.
Nov 30, 2021
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