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During this COVID crisis and the need to use Telehealth, will payment be allowed for both the home health agency as well as the provider if both services provided on the same day?

Also, with telehealth, is there a clinic and a provider charge or only a charge for the provider? Thank you, Emily Dieker
Mar 27, 2020 by Emily Dieker ,
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Tiffany Hamm
Hi Emily,
During the "Covid Crisis", CMS is more lenient with the televisit rules to make provider to patient interactions efficient and simple. You may want to reach out to the home health agency for clarification on their end regarding same-day billing of services. There are several different reimbursable televisit codes for providers and nurses. I am providing the Wound Reference link to the free topic: Telemedicine Coding for Wound Care https://woundreference.com/app/topic?id=1456.
Here you will find the codes that qualified non-physician Healthcare professionals can use G2061-G2063. This would be the clinic charge and could be performed by the nursing staff.
The provider codes are also listed as well. Should you want to run through a demo of the televisit tool, let us know, and we would be happy to show you.
Thanks so much,
Mar 27, 2020
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