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Hello, what options are there for MASD? I have Triad and Z-guard as options. Thank you
Nov 19, 2019 by Melissa Khoo,
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Elaine Horibe Song
Hi Melissa
The Prep and Dress Tool has good suggestions for MASD (to see suggestions, please choose for wound bed: no wound, for wound depth: no wound, for wound exudate: dry or minimal). Others may have other suggestions, but in a nutshell, it'd be important to identify and eliminate cases of moisture first. Then, for treatment of moisture due to incontinence (assuming cause is incontinence), it'd be important to cleanse skin after each episode, the moisturize skin with humectants and emollients-based products, and protect skin with  barrier cream or liquid skin sealant. Between these 2 options you presented, would go with Z-Guard to protect skin (zinc + petrolatum). Triad is a zinc-based hydrophilic paste wound filler dressing that helps absorb small/moderate exudate, mostly used for wounds that are hard to dress, or that need some autolytic debridement. Label says it doesn't cause MASD, but usually it's not used as a skin protectant against MASD. 
Nov 19, 2019
Cathy Milne
In addition to barrier creams, ointments and pastes and the cyanoacrylate skin sealants - there is a micronized zinc spray - I find that in patients who are so raw you can't touch them without causing lots of pain that this is a good option!
Nov 19, 2019
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