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36 yo, developmentally disabled. Wheelchair bound. Epilepsy. Tissue abscess. Possible abuse in care home. Heel photo and foot.
Nov 11, 2019 by Amy Smith, JD, RN, PHN
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Elaine Horibe Song
Hi Amy
Thanks for clarifying earlier today that the pic of the heel represents a blister. Glad that you were able to find dressing recommendations on Prep and Dress! Agree that there is a possibility that the blister on the heel could have been pressure-related given the patient's limited mobility, and agree that it's important to ensure adequate interventions to alleviate pressure are implemented. Some other thoughts...it'd also be important to rule out inadequate blood supply (e.g peripheral arterial disease) as a possible contributing factor/etiology, and rule out any local infection (e.g. cellulitis) since documentation on the chart stated that "tissue abscess" was noted.
Nov 11, 2019
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