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Hi. What is a general standard dressing/ surgical site care? Do you let the surgeon dictate what to use? Thanks
Oct 7, 2019 by Melissa Khoo,
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Samantha Kuplicki
Hey gal!
It’s pretty highly dependent upon the type of wound, classification of the wound (dirty, clean, clean-contaminated), and there is not an absolute ton of guidance on exactly what to use and what prevents SSI, etc.

I personally like to recommend prevena incisional management for large (13cm+) incisions in patients even if not high risk. I will usually ask what the surgeon has at his or her disposal and talk through the case if I’m able to arrive at a plan taking into consideration the patient’s living situation, resources, and timeframe for follow up.

There is not strong evidence that topical antimicrobials are superior to other dressings, and the CDC, WHO, and ACS have slightly varying recs.
Having said this, if I don’t use a prevena, I use an aquacel surgical or mepilex AG border.

If you have more details about the type of surgeries you typically see or a specific wound, I would be happy to talk through it with you.
Oct 7, 2019
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