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When is silver foam contraindicated for use in a wound with a wound vac dressing? Thank you.
Jan 1, 0001 by Brenda H., RN, CHRN,
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Julie Lientz
Silver has same contraindications as the regular vac foam and silver is only used in infected wounds
Jan 1, 0001
Cathy Milne
Silver foam dressings would be contraindicated if the patient is getting electrical stimulation or diathermy as the silver ions can collect heat and potentially burn the tissue. Also if the patient is getting an MRI you would want to remove this dressing before the procedure. Although there is nothing in the literature with regard to this dressing and defibrillation or cardioversion, Acting cautiously would apply here also. And speaking of common sense and the obvious if the patient is allergic to silver we would not want to use this dressing.
Jan 1, 0001
Cathy Milne
Sorry Brenda, I meant to address this to you, and not Julie!
Jan 1, 0001
Elaine Horibe Song
Hi Brenda, thank you for your question. Expanding on Julie’s and Cathy’s well-stated answers, here is a list of some contraindications to:
Silver dressings (npwt)
- wound that is not clinically infected
- Sensitivity to silver
- wounds being treated with enzymatic debridement
- pregnancy or lactation
- During MRI
Foam dressings (npwt)
- blind/unexplored tunnels
- malignancy in the wound
- Untreated osteomyelitis
- Direct contact with wound beds with exposed blood vessels, anastomotic sites, organs, or nerves.
Some other considerations:
- If topical solutions or agents are used, ensure they won’t decrease effectiveness f silver (e.g, using saline solutions)
- Systemic therapy should be used in conjunction with silver dressings for effective infection management
Thank you and please let us know if further information is needed.
Jan 1, 0001
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