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WoundReference Editors WoundReference Editors, | Updated on Apr 3, 2024

The JWC Awards

From changing their approach, to employing new systems in order to optimize wound care, the Innovation in Wound Care Award is open to all people in the field of wound care who have introduced innovative approaches to an existing challenge in wound care.

Winning this award is a recognition of the significant impact that WoundReference's work in partnership with ELCOS - Portuguese Wound Society - has made on the lives of patients.

A suite of interactive digital pocket guides

The work involved transforming nineteen paper-based pocket guides containing clinical protocols for treating various types of wounds into an interactive suite of digital clinical pathways. These pathways are now hosted in a searchable library accessible from any internet-enabled device. The interactive digital clinical pathways include videos, checklists, calculators, and documentation templates, all designed to facilitate evidence-based decision-making and standardize care.

This innovative approach to wound care pathways has the potential to optimize wound care and significantly improve clinical outcomes. ELCOS has made the Suite available to all its members and organized a webinar series to demonstrate how to effectively utilize each Digital Pocket Guide in clinical practice.

As a result, 86% of surveyed clinicians found the digital pathways helpful in clinical decision-making, and all indicated they would recommend the digital clinical pathways to their colleagues.

Fulfilling our mission

Receiving another JWC Award was an immense honor. It inspires us to further our mission of empowering wound care clinicians to achieve better outcomes more efficiently, and to continue innovating ways to address the challenges in wound care.

Tânia Santos MSc, Nurse. UCSP Albufeira (Faro), Portugal
Lourdes Muñoz-Hidalgo MSc, Nurse. USF Cruz de Celas (Coimbra), Portugal

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WoundReference Editors,
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