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WoundReference Editors WoundReference Editors, | Updated on Jun 23, 2022

Wound Reference Inc partners with Malta Association of Skin and Wound Care (MASC) to promote cost-effective, standardized wound management in Malta by leveraging unbiased, evidence-based clinical education in wound care  

San Francisco, June, 2022 - Wound Reference, Inc. today announced a partnership with the Malta Association of Skin and Wound Care (MASC). Both institutions are engaged in providing healthcare professionals the most current and unbiased educational activities in wound care in order to achieve better outcomes more efficiently. MASC is the main wound care professional association in Malta. As such, it is well positioned to promote models of good care and practice, and to facilitate and promote educational activities within the fields of Wound Care and Dermatology. This partnership supports MASC’s mission by empowering healthcare professionals to practice cost-effective, evidence-based wound care, and providing tools for institutions to minimize unwanted variations in care. More specifically, MASC members will be able to: 

  • Quickly find clinical answers in wound care, choose cost-effective interventions/products for their patients, save time when educating/engaging patients and caregivers, network with other specialists and receive referrals.
  • Securely exchange information and communicate with other MASC members, and access exclusive interactive clinical pathways created by MASC.

“ MASC is committed to provide the best wound care possible and partnering with Wound Reference will allow MASC members to access evidence based articles which can be reflected in clinical practice. Additionally, it will allow members to choose the right products and access clinical answers. As a board member we are happy to be partnering with Wound Reference to continue striving towards providing our best for our patients” - MASC.

“We are thrilled to partner with MASC, as our organizations share the same values and goals of providing better and more affordable care for institutions and patients. Our international expansion plan is progressing quickly; we look forward to ensuring worldwide access to our free and premium content and decision support tools.” said Elaine H Song, MD, PhD, MBA, Co-founder, WoundReference Inc. 

About Wound Reference, Inc.

WoundReference is a California-based digital health company offering clinical decision support tools that empowers healthcare professionals to assess and manage conditions with confidence. Our evidence based, peer reviewed and constantly updated content combined with our ongoing education, medical documentation and reimbursement resources make WoundReference the most comprehensive solution to support your wound care program.

About MASC

The Malta Association of Skin and wound Care is a Non- Governmental Association that promotes and models good care and practice within the fields of Skin and Wound Care while facilitating and promoting educational activities for Nurses in the Topics of Skin and Wound Care. As an association it supports, promotes and carries out research on related nursing topics. MASC provides expert advice that is evidence-based, up-to-date and unbiased information on dermatology and wound care while also influencing  the development of a health policy with regards to wound care and dermatology.

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WoundReference Editors,
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