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Ana Carolina Lucchese Ana Carolina Lucchese, | Updated on May 9, 2024

In May 2024, at EWMA 2024 (the European Wound Management Association conference), we celebrated a milestone in our collaboration with ELCOS - Portuguese Wound Society. Together, we presented a poster that outlines our joint efforts in developing a comprehensive competency program for clinicians, leveraging our digital platform, WoundReference. This program is designed to expedite the creation and implementation of wound care-specific and role-based training modules that enhance the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals, ultimately elevating the quality of care they provide.

ELCOS - Portuguese Wound Society, a respected entity in Portugal, has been at the forefront of promoting discussion, education, and research in the prevention and treatment of wounds. This partnership exemplifies their commitment to innovation and excellence in wound care. Highlighting the importance of this collaboration, Catherine Milne from Wound Reference, Inc., presented the poster and along with Tânia Santos, from ELCOS and newly elected EWMA council member and Lourdes Muñoz-Hidalgo from ELCOS, represented the team at EWMA 2024.

The poster, unveiled at one of the most significant gatherings in the wound care community, illustrates the framework of our competency program. This framework leverages the Competency Tool, a module within the WoundReference platform, which supports the rapid development and deployment of educational and training resources. By integrating digital tools and always current evidence-based content, wound care programs can ensure that clinicians are well-prepared to meet the challenges of wound care.

EWMA 2024's theme, "Collaborative and Sustainable Wound Care: Making Everyone’s Contribution Count," resonates deeply with our project’s objectives. The conference emphasized the necessity of global cooperation and local action in advancing healthcare standards. The discussions and sessions focused on sharing best practices, promoting evidence-based practice, and fostering international and interdisciplinary collaboration.

As we reflect on the success of our presentation at EWMA 2024, we are inspired by the enthusiastic response from the wound care community. Our ongoing partnership with ELCOS is a testament to what can be achieved when organizations unite with a common goal of enhancing healthcare outcomes through education and technology.

Looking forward, we are excited to continue this fruitful collaboration, driving further innovations and supporting the professional growth of clinicians in the wound care field. Together, we are setting new standards in healthcare, ensuring that every contribution counts towards the collective goal of exceptional patient care.

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Ana Carolina Lucchese,
Ana Carolina Lucchese serves as Marketing & Communications Lead at WoundReference. She holds a background in engineering and business, with a diploma from Harvard University. With extensive experience in the technology and health sectors, Ana has held positions at major corporations like Microsoft. Additionally, she has provided valuable guidance to healthtech startups, assisting in the development of business plans and the execution of marketing strategies.
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