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Updated on Mar 16, 2020

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Today's Wound Clinic featured our article entitled "Adopting Telemedicine in Wound Care: Interprofessional Internet Consultations".  The article illustrates how the LMH Wound Healing Center leveraged WoundReference's TeleVisit Tool to incorporate billable interprofessional internet consultations into their daily workflow.

Interprofessional consultations are not new. Providers of different specialties consult each other routinely for patient assessment and management, but often do not receive reimbursement. Since 2019, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approved payments for 6 CPT codes for interprofessional internet consultationsThe article on Today's Wound Clinic provides a guideline to interprofessional consultations using the TeleVisit Tool, and details how clinics can receive the appropriate reimbursement. 

We will be adding more posts on telemedicine and on our optimized HIPAA-compliant TeleVisit Tool soon. For now, we invite you to assess the benefits telemedicine can bring to your practice following the steps provided by the Telemedicine/ Televisit Implementation Playbook - Part 1: Exploring Telemedicine as a Solution (sign up for a Free Basic account to access it).

Accessing the WoundReference TeleVisit Tool

The WoundReference TeleVisit Tool is available in all WoundReference premium plans (see Plans). For more information, contact us

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