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We all have asked ourselves...

The development of staffing criteria of the hyperbaric service requires the consideration of several factors to ensure that each treatment is given safely.  Frequently this process begins with the question of staff to patient ratio. That is, how many staff members do we need to operate three monoplace chambers?  While staffing ratios are important they should not be the first consideration. Consider these following questions:

  • Who is our Medical Director?
  • What level of involvement will or does the Medical Director have on daily operations and hyperbaric safety?
  • Have you designated a Safety Director?
  • What level of collaboration is expected between the Safety Director and the Medical Director? 
  • What are your requirements and qualifications for hyperbaric team members? 
  • What is your requirement for certification of qualified team members, CHRN or CHT within 1 year of qualification?
  • How many of the wound care staff have attended or will be attending a UHMS approved introductory hyperbaric medicine course?
  • What are your hours of operation? Will you be treating emergent cases? 

Hyperbaric Program Staffing Guidelines and Resources

Staffing of the hyperbaric medicine department is the responsibility of the Nurse Manager and/ or Program Manager, Medical Director with collaboration from the Safety Director to ensure compliance with the Safety Program Guidelines. The hyperbaric medicine team is a multidisciplinary group of healthcare professionals, institutionally credentialed with training and qualification(s) in the safe provision of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It is necessary to identify the roles and responsibilities of the physician(s), nurses and allied health professionals that staff the program. See topics " HBO Medical Staff Credentialing Guidelines" and "Hyperbaric Medicine - Job Descriptions & Training Guidelines" (Free topics that list premium topics on these subjects)

These are a just fraction of the questions and considerations as you begin the process in the development of your staffing guidelines. Further detail is discussed in the topic "Hyperbaric Program Staffing Guidelines" and in WoundReference HBO Knowledge Base under Hyperbaric Oxygen Operations (Premium content). Specific questions can be submitted to our advisory panel through Curbside Consult (Premium tool). For more information on premium plans, see "Plans".

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