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Updated on Jul 25, 2019

This is an expanding list of free and paid resources for online continued medical education (CME) and continuing education unit (CEU) on wound care and hyperbaric medicine. Check back frequently for updates. The list is provided for your convenience, and WoundReference does not particularly endorse any content provided by the third-parties below. CME/CEU providers may alter their programs or program may become unavailable so check source for accuracy.

Hyperbaric Medicine


UHM Journal-Based CME Program Now Available at the UHMS Online Education Portal: UHM Journal Volume 45, Issue 5

  • REVIEW ARTICLE - Updates in diving medicine: evidence published in 2017-2018. Brian M. Keuski, LCDR MC, United States NavyDuke Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology,Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina U.S.

  • RESEARCH ARTICLE - Effect of rehydration schedule after four-hour head-out water immersion on running performance and recovery Hayden W. Hess, MS; Zachary J. Schlader, PhD; Lindsey N. Russo, MS; Rebeccah L. Stansbery ;Mary G. Carey, RN, PhD; Brian M. Clemency, MD; David R. Pendergast, EdD; David Hostler, PhD

UHM Board Recertification Review Course

  • International Atmo
  • Location: Drury Plaza Hotel Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas
  • Course Date: Saturday, October 12, 2019
  • Cost: $500 USD

Wound Care Education Partners

  • Format: On-demand webcasts
  • Sample tiles:
    • Essentials of ICD 10 CM Coding and Clinical Documentation Improvement for the Hyperbaric Team
    • Latent Effects of Radiation and the Use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
    • Dive Tables and the Physics of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine - June 2017

Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society

  • Format: online 
  • Sample titles: 
    • Live Streaming of the ASM Pre-Course:Hyperbaric Oxygen Safety: Clinical and Technical Issues Wednesday, June 26, 2019: 8am-5:30pm
    • UHMS Program for Advanced Training in Hyperbarics (PATH)
    • UHM Journal-Based CME Courses
    • 2018 Symposium on Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Management Update
    • Update in Billing, Coding & Reimbursement: ICD-10, MIPS and Bundled Payment System

Baromedical Nursing Association

  • Format: online
  • Sample titles:
    • Patient and Staff Safety: Chamber Operator Seizure and Active Shooter Experiences
    • Quality Improvement in Hyperbaric Medicine
    • Carbon Monoxide Toxicity and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
    • Decompression Illness in the Inside Attendant

Wound Care


CMS National Training Program

Wound Care Learning Network

  • Format: on-demand webcasts
  • Sample Titles: 
    • Integrating Emerging Research into Biofilm Management
    • Pressure Injury Prevention and Treatment: Optimizing Healing through Nutrition and Lean Body Mass
    • Integrated Treatment Solutions to Manage and Prevent Diabetic Foot Ulcers
    • Removing Barriers to Healing: The Latest Evidence on Hydrophobic Dressings

Wound CME

  • Format: on-demand webcasts
  • Sample Titles:
    • Reducing the Burden of Stalled Wounds: Progressing Towards Healing
    • Reducing Facility-Acquired Pressure Ulcers by Optimizing Patient Turning: Improving Outcomes with Real-Time Monitoring Technology
    • Biologically Clearing the Barriers to Wound Healing: Changing the Wound Healing Environment through Debridement
    • Protocols for the Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Injuries: Sustaining Outcomes at the Point of Care
    • Optimizing Healing of Diabetic Foot Ulcers: An Updated Look at Growth Factors
    • Diabetes and Wound Healing Pathophysiology: An Update on the Safety of Growth Factor-based Therapy for Diabetic Foot Ulcers
    • Debridement Across the Continuum of Care and Economic Insights
    • Chronic Wounds: Cellular Biology and Management

Center for Healing Solutions (supported by manufacturer)

  • Format: On-demand webcasts
  • Sample Titles:
    • Optimizing Mobility, Adherence and Quality of Life: Mechanically Powered Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
    • Improving Healing Characteristics in Complex Wounds: NPWTi-d with Reticulated Open Cell Foam
    • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy with Instillation in Complex, Infected Wounds
    • Restoring Normal Healing Trajectory through Complete Protease Management: Exploring Collagen/ORC
    • Mechanically Powered Negative Pressure Wound Therapy for Complex Wound Management
    • Pressure Ulcers: Quality Metric and Integrated Risk Management Improving Outcomes and Decreasing Risk


Wound Care Education Partners

  • Format: On-demand webcasts
  • Sample tiles:
    • Understanding Lymphedema
    • Diabetes and Wound Care Master Class
    • Introduction to Major Dressings Classifications

Lippincott CME Connection

  • Format: Various
  • Sample titles:
    • Photobiomodulation Therapy for Wound Care: A Potent, Noninvasive, Photoceutical Approach
    • Reexamining the Literature on Terminal Ulcers, SCALE, Skin Failure, and Unavoidable Pressure Injuries
    • Diagnosis and Management of Cutaneous Psoriasis: A Review

WOCN Continued Education

  • Format: Various
  • Sample titles: 
    • Enhancing the Skin Barrier of the Perineal Skin
    • Managing MASD (IAD & ITD): The Rainforest Phenomenon
    • What the WOC Nurse Needs to Educate Hospital Staff Nurses on Care of the Spinal Cord Injury Patient


  • Format: Webcast
  • Sample titles: 
    • Wound Care for the Primary Care Physician
    • Update on Wound Care

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