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WoundReference User Academy


WoundReference User Academy

Welcome! The information below will help you learn about the tools, features and benefits of your WoundReference subscription.

Why use WoundReference?

WoundReference is the first decision support system designed exclusively for wound care and hyperbaric medicine professionals.

 Watch  "Why WoundReference? A Quick Overview" (< 5 min)  
  Improving Outcomes with WoundReference

Getting Started

 For institutional subscribers: Watch  "How to Activate your WoundReference Account" (1 min) 
    Watch  "Customize WoundReference - Edit Your Profile" (1 min) 
Watch how to bookmark WoundReference to your desktop browser (Chrome)
Watch how to add WoundReference to your home screen (iPhone and Android)

How to quickly find clinical answers

Efficiently find the information you need.

Watch "How to quickly find answers to your clinical questions" (2 min)
Watch "Webinar: How can I find answers to my clinical questions" (10 min)
 Watch "Managing complex venous leg ulcers with WoundReference algorithms" (7 min) 
 Watch "Customizing local wound care with the Prep and Dress Tool" (video coming soon) 

Earn and redeem CME/CE credits with WoundReference

Put time spent researching clinical questions on WoundReference towards your continuing education requirements.

Watch "How to redeem CME/CE credits online" (video coming soon)
  View accreditations

Telemedicine using WoundReference TeleVisit Tool: Implementation Playbook | Instructions: TeleVisit Tool 2.0. and 1.0.

Remotely evaluate patients and discuss cases with colleagues through CMS-billable encounters

  Telemedicine/ Televisit Implementation Playbook - Part 1
  Telemedicine/ Televisit Implementation Playbook - Part 2 

   NEW!  Watch " Quick Start: TeleVisit Tool 2.0. Free Edition (< 2 min) "  

   NEW!   TeleVisit Tool 2.0. Premium Edition - workflows, documentation, online patient portal 

   TeleVisit Tool 2.0. Support Articles for Clinicians and for Patients/ Invited Participants

      Quick Start Guide for Patients and Requestors (i.e. Facilitating Clinician)

   Watch " Quick Start: TeleVisit Tool 1.0. Video Chat Edition (< 2 min)"  

       TeleVisit Tool 1.0. Premium Edition - workflows, documentation, online patient portal 

       (TeleVisit Tool 1.0)  Better, faster documentation with the Encounter Notes Module  (TeleVisit Tool 1.0)  

Managerial toolkit

    Competency Tool 

    Modules (e.g. Wound Care Orientation Series)

   Digital Wound Care Formulary 

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