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Prohibited Item Reminder

Prohibited Item Reminder


Prohibited Item Reminder

Wound dressings are commonly used inside hyperbaric chambers. They play an important role in infection control and patient outcome. Important safety concerns include production of heat, production of static electricity, production of flammable vapor, ignition temperature, and total fuel load.  The NFPA 99, chapter 14 Hyperbaric Facilities – provides our guidance for safety and operational issues.  Specifically, the process for effectively managing patients wound care dressing(s) and/ or product(s) during hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  NFPA 99 - states “Physician and safety director approval to use prohibited items shall be stated in writing for all prohibited materials employed” [1]


When establishing policies, operational procedures or “GO-NO GO” list to use language that provides clarity. There are three categories for items that require specific authorization when introduced or restricted for use into the hyperbaric chamber, our “GO – NO GO lists.  For the sole purpose of clarity we use the following:

  • GO – Items approved for use in a Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber
  • RESTRICTED – Items that may be used with CAUTION in a Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber.
  • STOP – DO NOT USE in a Monoplace hyperbaric chamber

As clinicians it is our responsibility to understand and educate our patients about prohibited items in the hyperbaric environment.  The use of a Prohibited items reminder can be helpful.

Prohibited Item Reminder    

Thank you for choosing the Hyperbaric & Wound Care Center at XXXXX for your Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). Your first HBOT has been scheduled for ____________________ at _______________.

As a reminder, the following items are PROHIBITED in the Hyperbaric Chamber:

·       Reading material (newspaper, magazines, books, etc.)
·       Drinks, snacks, candy, gum or food of any kind (water will be available for you to take in to the chamber)
·       Please do not wear any of the following:
       Makeup, lipstick, lip balm, or base, deodorant (we will have you remove them)
       Hairspray, Gel, Mousse, fresh Coloring, fresh Perms, wigs, hair extensions, hair rubber bands
       Vaseline, Oils, Lotions of any kind, any Petroleum based products, any Alcohol based products.
       Thermal Wrap or patches, Hand Warmers, or any Heat producing products.
       Dentures or removable dental appliances
       No nail polish or nail extensions
·       Electronic Devices such as: (may be placed in a locker at the clinic)
       Watches, cell phones, pagers, PDA’s.
       External pace makers, internal pace makers prior to 1980
       Hearing aids
       Insulin pumps
       Handheld video games, computers, cameras
       Lasers, pen lights
·       Matches or lighters
·       Medication patches – Please inform the staff prior to entering the hyperbaric chamber
·       Tobacco products of any kind (cigarettes, cigars, chew, snuff, pipes)
·       Jewelry of any kind (please leave them at home or with a spouse)
·       Anything deemed unsafe by this Center.


Thank you again for choosing the Hyperbaric & Wound Care Center at XXXXX. If there is anything that you need, please do not be afraid to ask any of the staff members for help.
The Hyperbaric Team
Patient Signature: _________________________________________________________    Date: ______________________
CHRN/CHT Signature: ____________________________________________________    Date: ______________________
Safety Director Signature:  _________________________________________________    Date: ______________________

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Topic 1112 Version 1.0


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