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Encounter Notes Instructional Brochure

Encounter Notes Instructional Brochure


Encounter Notes Instructional Brochure

To access the Encounter Notes Instructional Brochure, please sign up for a Free Basic Account or sign in. For instructions on how to use the TeleVisit Tool for secure video calls with your patients and referring clinicians, see topic "TeleVisit Tool Instructional Brochures and Videos".

Documenting your encounter with the Encounter Notes Module

The Encounter Notes Module is included in WoundReference Premium Plans (see Plans). The Module can be used: 

  • To document both your televisits or in-person encounters
  • As a HIPAA compliant online portal, to securely exchange messages with your patient, a facilitating clinician, or an provider

The Encounter Notes Module easily integrates with your main EHR workflow. It can also be used as a standalone HIPAA compliant encounter documentation tool. See Quick Reference Brochure below:

  •   Download PDF: Quick Reference Guide - Documenting your encounter with the Encounter Notes Module (Premium plans)
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