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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WoundReference?

WoundReference is a platform that serves wound healthcare professionals through services, products and community.

WoundReference helps you use resources more efficiently and deliver better patient outcomes. We leverage clinical evidence and perform cost-effectiveness analyses to deliver patient value-based data that result in better patient outcomes and lower costs.

What can I find here?

  • Up-to-date information (clinical, coverage, coding, cost) you need in a single place
  • Cost, comparative research and cost effectiveness analyses on products
  • Live prices from online and local suppliers
  • Apps to help with wound assessment and EMR integration

Using WoundReference?

WoundResource is a mobile-friendly web application that can be accessed at point-of-care 24/7. Basic levels of access are available for free, while premium content and apps are only available with paid subscription.

How does the free trial work?

During the free trial you will have access to all content and apps. At the end of your trial the account will revert back to a free account with limited access. You can upgrade or downgrade anytime.

Technical support

Live chat is available within the application, or email us at

More questions? Please contact us at