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  • One of the simplest, most efficient methods of achieving a clean, fast healing wound
  • Initiates thorough cleansing using compressed air/oxygen combined with a minimal amount (1.5ml/min) of standard sterile solution
  • Quickly and efficiently cleans and debrides wounds without the mess and encumbrance of traditional systems
  • Administers a cool, gentle jet stream that creates a desensitizing effect for the patient
  • The treatment of choice for patients sensitive to other forms of debridement
  • Uses standard connectors for portable and wall gas outlets and saline dispensers, does not require a vacuum system, generator or gun
  • Ideal for bedside application in hospital, clinic or home settings
  • Completely disposable, with virtually no cleanup of the work environment
  • Easy set-up, lightweight and portable
  • Easily controlled PSI
  • Microdrops between 5-100 microns accelerated up to 200 meters per second
  • Not made with natural rubber latex system
  • Ideal for maintenance debridement

48-500: Jetox-ND Wand
48-501: Jetox-ND Tubing Set
48-555: Jetox-ND Mini-Pack w/5 Wands, 5 Tubing Sets
48-601: Jetox-ND Fit All Tubing Sets
48-444: Jetox-ND Mini-Pack w/5 Wands, 5 Fit All Tubing Sets

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Suppliers Price
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DME coverage and co-payment
Suppliers Price
Patient DME Co-Payment per Billable Unit
DME Reimbursement to Suppliers
Frequency Replacement if Requirements Met
Office and/or Facility - Product reimbursement
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Suppliers Price
Recom / Evidence
FDA Safety
Quality Measures
Cost Effectiveness
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Suppliers Price
Disposable handpiece No natural or rubber parts Portable
CPT CodeDescription Physician Reimbursement - Office Physician Reimbursement - Facility Facility Reimbursement
11000Debride infected skin $56.16 $29.52 $488.20
11001Debride infected skin add-on $21.96 $14.76 $0.00
11004Debride genitalia & perineum $600.83 $600.83 $0.00
11042Deb subq tissue 20 sq cm/< $120.60 $64.08 $310.80
11043Deb musc/fascia 20 sq cm/< $235.08 $160.92 $488.20
11045Deb subq tissue add-on $42.48 $27.36 $0.00
11046Deb musc/fascia add-on $75.24 $58.32 $0.00
97597Rmvl devital tis 20 cm/< $85.32 $24.48 $168.95
97598Rmvl devital tis addl 20cm/< $28.44 $11.52 $0.00
  • Based on national averages
  • Medicare payments for participating qualified health professionals (QHP) for services performed in their Offices (*) or at a Facility (** i.e., hospital outpatient department or ambulatory service center). Payments are nationally unadjusted average amounts, and do not account for differences in payment due to geographic variation. The allowed rate for non-participating physicians is set at 95% of the allowable for participating physicians. Non-participating physicians are subject to the limiting charge rules. The coinsurance is limited to 20% of the allowable fee.
  • When covered by the Medicare contractor, this manufacturer product is separately payable in a QHP office based on the Average Sales Price (ASP) as reported by the manufacturer on a quarterly basis.
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  • The information provided on this website is informational only. This is not a guarantee of Reimbursement Rates, nor is it intended to make recommendations regarding clinical practices. Information on this website is subject to change with out notice due to changes in reimbursement laws, regulations, rules and policies. The ultimate responsibility for correct coding lies with the provider of services. Please contact the appropriate payer for their interpretation of the appropriate code to use for the procedure.
  • CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association. All CPT codes and descriptions are copyrighted 2018, American Medical Association. All rights reserved. CPT codes and CPT descriptions are from the current manuals and those included herein are not intended to be all-inclusive and are included for informational purposes only. Codes referenced on Wound Reference are for informational purposes only. Inclusion or exclusion of any codes does not guarantee coverage. Providers should reference the American Medical Association prior to the submission of claims for reimbursement of covered services.

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