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HBO Documentation Checklist

HBO Documentation Checklist

HBO Documentation Checklist


  • Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code 99183: Physician or other qualified healthcare professional attendance and supervision of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, per session. 
  • HCPCS Code G0277: Hyperbaric oxygen under pressure, full-body chamber, per 30-minute interval


The following areas should be considered to minimize errors and be audit-ready:

  • Documentation to support the dates of service billed may include, but is not limited to:
    • Treatment records (Dive sheets)
    • Signed DAILY order for HBO services
  • Documentation to support medically necessity may include, but is not limited to:
    • Documentation to support services for treating a condition as described in CMS Pub 100-03, Medicare National Coverage Determination (NCD) Manual, Chapter 1, Coverage Determination, Section 20.29, Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy. [1]
    • History and Physical that clearly describes the condition for which HBOT is recommended
    • Physician progress note(s) that support all adjunctive therapies provided to the beneficiary in the treatment of the diagnosed condition
    • Laboratory and pathology report(s) if applicable
    • Radiology reports if applicable
    • Vascular studies if applicable
    • Documentation to support (at minimum) 30 days of failed conservative treatment(s) of wound with wound measurements if applicable
    • Operative and/or procedure reports related to the diagnosis if applicable
    • Date and anatomical site of radiation treatment if applicable
    • Prior antibiotic administration record to support chronic condition if applicable (i.e. chronic osteomyelitis)
    • HBOT procedure log(s) to include ascent time, decent time and pressurization level
    • Direct physician supervision
    • Assessment of condition (minimum) every 30 days during the HBOT
    • For condition where HBOT is covered when there is a threatened loss of function, limb, or life, the documentation must support the condition.
    • Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) if applicable 
    • Signature log or attestation statement for any missing or illegible signature within the medical record

    • Sections with detailed documentation requirements, templates, and checklists for each specific HBOT indication can be found within each topic of the HBO Knowledge Base. See list of HBOT indications in " HBO Treatment Indications With Protocols".

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