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HBO - Ancillary Equipment and Supplies

HBO - Ancillary Equipment and Supplies

HBO - Ancillary Equipment and Supplies


Hyperbaric Suite – Ancillary Equipment

Hyperbaric Safety Poster – English and Spanish

TEEDS Scale Poster

Krytox GPL 205 (Krytox)

NOVUS 1,2,3 acrylic polishes

Hyperbaric Suite - Ancillary Supplies

Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK) towelettes (non alcohol)


Bio-waste bags

Blood glucose monitor , test lancets strips and test solution

Chest tube tray - extra chest tubes (sizes #16,#24,#32)

Cotton Tipped applicators sterile

Denture cups

Diapers Adult M, L

Disinfectant HI-TOR-HB gallon(see dilution instructions on the product labeling)

Emesis basins

Gloves vinyl nonsterile S,M,L

Gloves Sterile 6,7,8

Non-rebreather masks, with reservoir bag

Patient sippy cups (Peri bottles)

Patient slide board

Personal belongings bag

Silver Nitrate applicators

Spray bottles for HI-Tor-HB

Staple remover tray

Strapping tape //razors for TCOM

Suction canister, 20 foot hose, Yankauer/catheter

Suture Removal Tray

Tongue Depressor sterile

Trach collars


Ultrasound gel

Urinals (disposable)

Wash Basin


Anaerobic Cultures

Aerobic Cultures


Lab Requisitions

Punch Biopsy

Specimen Cup

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Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy facility equipment list EQUIPMENTQTY  Sechrist – 3600 monoplace chamber 2 Cardiac monitor  2 Cardiac Monitor cable – Internal and External

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Wound Care Department Equipment List