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Product Type: Transparent Film
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3M Health Care | Model: 1627 |
HCPCS : A6258 (Medicare DME co-payment per billable unit min / max: $0.90 / $1.05)

Description: Tegaderm™ Transparent Film Dressing is a transparent film dressing.

INTENDED USES: Pressure Ulcers (Stage I-II), Surgical Wounds, Dermal Wounds, Burns (1st and 2nd degree), Donor Sites

CLAIMED BENEFITS: Protect skin from moisture, Bacterial barrier, May protect skin from friction

OPTION: 4 in. x 10 in., box of 20

Wound Reference does not produce, market, re-sell or distribute health care goods or services consumed by, or used on, patients.
Application: Can be used as primary dressing
Application: Can be used as secondary dressing
Depth: Full thickness (deep)
Depth: Partial thickness (shallow)
Exudate: Dry
Exudate: Low
Exudate: Moderate
Exudate: High
Indications: May be applied over infected tissue
Indications: May be used to pack deep wounds
Indications: May be used under compression
Medicare freq of replacement: 1/day
Medicare freq of replacement: every other day
Medicare freq of replacement: 3/week
Medicare freq of replacement: 1/week
Wear time: Up to 1 day
Wear time: Up to 3 days
Wear time: Up to 7 days
Wear time: More than 7 days

Transparent film dressings are thin, flexible sheets of clear polyurethane incorporating an adhesive coating on one side so that it sticks to skin. The dressing does not adhere to the wound bed thanks to the reaction of the adhesive with wound fluid, however it does adhere to the skin around the wound. Film dressings are very flexible and conform to body contours, and can be used directly on the wound or on top of another dressing. If used directly on the wound, the transparent film allows useful visualization of the wound bed (i.e, we can see if the wound is healing). Transparent dressings should be removed if there is too much wound fluid pooling under the dressing, as this can lead to damage of both the wound and the surrounding skin. Use of the dressing should also be discontinued if the wound becomes clinically infected. 

If you have coverage through Medicare Part B, you may be eligible to have this product covered by Medicare. You will need a written order prescribed by a provider enrolled in Medicare, so that you can purchase this product at a Durable Medical Equipment store that carries this type of product and accepts Medicare. You will need to pay deductibles and co-payment. The actual co-payment amount varies according to your state. The table below shows the highest (ceiling) and lowest (floor) expected co-payment across the country. If you do not have Medicare Part B or do not meet the requirements needed for coverage, you can find this product at pharmacies and medical supply stores. When available, please see pricing in "Other Stores" below.

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