WoundReference is a clinical decision support platform for hyperbaric and wound care clinicians at the point-of-care.

Wound Care Knowledge Base

Quickly be on top of the latest evidence and reimbursement data

  • Wound Care Knowledge Base - Provide optimal wound care treatment and prevention with evidence-based, graded recommendations
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Knowledge Base - Make the right decisions at the point-of-care with reliable clinical and operational support: evidence-based treatment protocols, orders, safety guidelines, coding, reimbursement and documentation (medical necessity checklists, initial consultation and daily treatment notes guidelines)

Expedite patient care and enhance patient confidence in clinical decisions

  • Curbside Consult - From simple to complex questions, get individualized, timely feedback from experienced hyperbaric and wound care experts
  • Telehealth - Simple, secure, private virtual room for you to instantly see your patients and discuss cases with your colleagues remotely - no downloads needed
  • Assessment Tool (coming soon) - Easily assess differential diagnoses, risk factors and treatment options for non-healing ulcers
Curbside Consult
Wound Care Telehealth, Consult and Assessment
Wound Care Specialist Network

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  • Collaborate with other specialists
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Specialist Network

Save time and money - streamline workflow

  • Product Navigator - Choose the right products for your patients with interactive feature matrices and unbiased editors' recommendations (we don’t take paid ads)
  • Personalized Patient Handouts - Increase patient adherence by providing specific information on products, pricing, coverage and suppliers
  • Customized formularies and peer collaboration - Set up, optimize and share your institution’s formulary. See formularies from other institutions to improve transition of care
Product Navigator
Wound Care Product Navigator

Who is using Wound Reference? And how?

Wound Care Pro

Wound Care physicians and nurses are accessing our evidence based knowledge base at the point of care.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Pro

Leverage our online HBOT knowledge, tools and experts to achieve better outcomes more efficiently.

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Hospital & Group Practice

Higher Reimbursements. Lower Costs. Improve Outcomes.

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Biller & Coder

Use our online knowledge to properly bill and code for maximum wound care reimbursement.

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Decision Support you can Trust

Make the right Wound Care decisions with confidence.