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Individual Wound Care
& Hyperbaric

Plans from US$1.31/day


Individual Wound Care

Plans from US$1.12/day


Individual Wound Care
& Hyperbaric

Choosing the right products Product Navigator
Feature Comparison Matrices
Local Formulary Module
Increasing patient satisfaction Dressing change brochure editor
Branded patient handouts
Customized product handouts
Making clinical and reimbursement decisions with confidence Free Wound Care and Hyperbaric Knowledge Base Topics and Blog
Curbside consult
Wound Prep & Dress Tool
Telehealth Conferencing Tool
Premium Wound Care Knowledge Base
Premium Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Knowledge Base
Networking, increasing referrals Specialist Finder
Increasing efficiency Shareable user for exam rooms
Concierge onboarding and support
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Frequently asked questions

Yes, we offer multi-user susbcriptions for hospitals and group practices. Contact us to upgrade to multi-user plan.

Contract can be either recurring month-to-month or annual subscription. Cancel anytime from your member subscription page.

We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Contact us for additional payment options sales@woundreference.com.

Cancel any annual membership within 30 days to receive a full refund.

Email or call 650-539-9883 to upgrade, downgrade or add users to your paid membership.

All members of an account share the same access level, so you will need to create a new individual account and then upgrade.

All data transfer is secured with bank-level encryption. Payments are processed through Stripe, a leading online payment processor.