Chamber: Single
More suitable alternative: NO
Produces heat: NO
Produces Static: NO
Low Flash point: NO
Flash point for xeroform not stated in the SDS, however petroleum jelly is the main concern when using xeroform Flash point for petroleum jelly expected to be >212ºF/100ºC based on composition. See attached SDS
Produces Fuel: YES
Risk of Fire and Explosion - Probability: 1 x Exposure: 4 x Consequence: 3 = Risk Score: 12
No mitigation can be taken, as physician order requires dressing to remain intact.
Produces Adverse: NO
Produces Mechanical: NO
See table below to understand risk level corresponding to each risk score.
Risk Score Risk Level Risk Description
> 100 5 Extremely dangerous: do not operate facility
50 - 100 4 Very high: stop use of equipment, processs or procedure
20 - 50 3 High: required urgent attention; proceed with care
5 - 20 2 Medium: attention needed but operation may continue
< 5 1 Low: acceptable risk but noted
* Burman F. Risk Assessment Guide for Installation and Operation of Clinical Hyperbaric Facilities. San Antonio, Texas: International ATMO; 6th Edition, 2019. ISBN: 978-0-578-22098-7

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