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Designation of Safety Director

Designation of Safety Director

Designation of Safety Director


To comply with NFPA chapter 14 the Hyperbaric Medicine Service will appoint a Safety Director. [1]


The Safety Director shall work closely with facility management personnel and the hyperbaric physician(s) to establish procedures for safe operation and maintenance of the hyperbaric facility.

The Safety Director will make the necessary recommendations for program safety policy and procedures.

The Safety Director has been given the authority to restrict or remove any potential hazardous supply or equipment items from the chamber.

The Safety Director must meet the minimum qualifications as stated in the UHMS Facility Guidelines, specifically;

The ultimate responsibility for the care and safety of patients and personnel is that of the Hyperbaric Medicine Service and the Medical Staff. It is also the responsibility of the Hyperbaric Medicine Service Medical Staff office to insist, that adequate rules and regulations, with respect to practices and conduct within the hyperbaric facility, including qualifications and training of hyperbaric personnel are available.

The Medical Director of the hyperbaric facility shall work with the Safety Director to establish minimum
staff qualifications.


This policy shall be reviewed and, if necessary, revised at least every year.

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