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Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Job Title: Administrative Assistant



Reports to: Clinical Coordinator

Status: [  ] Exempt [X] Non-Exempt


Performs computerized scheduling and registration of patients who will be utilizing services at <facility> Hyperbaric Medicine Service; verifies and documents eligibility and benefits, and requests deposits or co-pays.


Organizational Responsibilities

  1. Displays leadership by: Modeling behaviors in support of the Mission Statement of <facility>; using effective interpersonal skills to develop positive working relationships; participation in educational opportunities for personal and professional growth; contribution to organizational and departmental goals.
  2. Supports quality improvement by: Striving to do the right things the right way the first time; using quality tools and techniques as appropriate; demonstrating flexibility and resilience in response to change.
  3. Demonstrates individual effectiveness by: Maintaining a positive, open-minded and team-oriented attitude; following through on commitments; performing job responsibilities in a manner consistent with organizational policies; communicating effectively with others; using resources effectively and efficiently; making suggestions and supporting the implementation of strategies to increase revenue and/or reduce operational expenses.
  4. Focuses efforts to provide services that exceed the expectations of our customers by: Anticipating and responding to customer needs; seeing customer satisfaction as a key measure of success; integrating service focus into daily routine, patient surveys, sympathy cards.
  5. Models teamwork by: Participating actively as a team member on a departmental and organizational level; fostering collaboration among members of the team; and recognizing the efforts and successes of other individuals and teams.

Job Specific Responsibilities

  1. Primary Responsibilities
  1. Patient registration – upon the initial visit, each patient must be registered.
  2. Appointments – The scheduling of patients shall be done according to the guidelines established
    by the hyperbaric physician.
  3. Prior to the completion of each day it is necessary to prepare the next day patient’s charts with the required documents, routing slips and photo forms.
  4. Charts for each day should be arranged in sequential appointment time order.
  5. Answering phones.
  6. At the end of each day a detailed appointment list should be printed. The routing slips should be compared to this list to guarantee that no oversight has been made.
  7. It will be the responsibility of the administrative assistant to determine if and when office supplies need to be ordered. This includes but is not limited to: ink cartridges, paper, and hyperbaric oxygen forms.
  8. At the completion of the day all charts must be filed according to their custom account number. Prior to filing each chart, the secretary will check to ensure that all documentation has been completed. In the event the administrative assistant is unable to determine if the necessary documentation has been completed, he/she should defer to the medical staff.
  9. All staff of the hyperbaric medicine service are expected to perform duties that are not position specific. Those duties are: cleaning beds, assisting in the transportation of patients, determining if any or all air tanks should be replaced, transporting of air and oxygen tanks.
  10. The administrative assistant will be expected to file all explanation of insurance benefits, as well as, make the necessary copies, as requested by the medical staff.
  11. Each week new patient charts from the previous week should be evaluated to ensure that the physician dictation is present.
  12. At the request of the hyperbaric physician the hyperbaric administrative assistant will be required to type letters of patient summary and or discharge.

Hours and Pay

  1. The position of Administrative Assistant work schedule will be determined based on the need of the unit
    by the Clinical Director. In general, the shifts will be 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.
  2. The Hyperbaric Administrative Assistant pay range is $XXXX - $XXXXX per hour.


Vacation/Sick Time/Holidays



[X] High School Diploma

[   ] Associate Degree in ______________________________.

[   ] Bachelor Degree in ______________________________.

[   ] Graduate Degree in ______________________________.

[   ] Technical/Professional Training/Degree in ______________________________.

[   ] Equivalent (specify)

[   ] Other:

Skills and Experience (with minimum requirements indicated as appropriate.)

  1. 1-year experience in health care, preferably in patient admissions or scheduling.
  2. Good working knowledge of medical terminology.
  3. Knowledge of basic office procedures and equipment (laser printers, fax machines, computers, typing
    and organizational skills).
  4. Data entry 5000 keystrokes per hour; typing 40 words per minutes.
  5. Facilitation skills.
  6. Math skills.
  7. Problem-solving skills.
  8. Ability to anticipate and take action to meet the customer’s expectations.
  9. Ability to interact calmly with patients, co-workers, visitors, and physicians in a courteous
    and professional manner.
  10. Professional appearance.
  11. Team perspective.
  12. Willingness and enthusiasm to facilitate change.
  13. Effective interpersonal communications, both oral and written.
  14. Good listening skills; persistence to get needed information.
  15. Ability to set priorities.
  16. Ability to deal with difficult situations in a tactful manner.
  17. Initiative and self-direction.
  18. General knowledge of Health Center operations and procedures
  19. Sophisticated understanding of clinical and financial process relationships.
  20. Mature, collaborative team member abilities.
  21. Proven inter-personal relationship qualities with emphasis on compassion and sensitivity.
  22. Exquisite customer service skills.
  23. Ability to use independent judgment and reach appropriate decisions.
  24. Adaptive to and “suggestor” of change.
  25. Understanding of work priorities.
  26. Ability to independently manage multiple tasks.
  27. Ability to control work inventories.
  28. Ability to bring activities to appropriate and timely completion.
  29. Negotiation skills.
  30. Flexibility.
  31. Ability to work with culturally diverse populations.

Certificates and/or Licenses



Lifting Up To Pushing on Wheels Up To Manual Dexterity
[   ] 5 Lbs [   ] 25 Lbs [   ] Low
[   ] 20 Lbs [   ] 50 Lbs [   ] Medium
[   ] 40 Lbs [   ] 150 Lbs [   ] High
[   ] 60 Lbs [   ] 250 Lbs  
[   ] Over 60 Lbs [   ] Over 250 Lbs  

Indicate the average percentage of time during regular shift devoted to each of the following activities.

  0-20% 21-40% 41-60% 61-80% 81-100%
Standing [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ]
Walking [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ]
Squatting [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ]
Sitting [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ]
Bending to waist level [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ]
Bending to the floor [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ]
Reaching to shoulder level [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ]
Reaching above the shoulder [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ]
Driving a car [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ]
Driving a van [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ]
Driving other: [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ]

Hearing: Adequate to perform the essential functions of the job such as interacting with staff, patients, physicians, codes, emergency situations and other health team members; receiving data and information in person and by telephone; identifying problems in computerized scheduling and printing system.

Speaking: Adequate to perform the essential functions of the job such as interacting with patients, nursing staff, physicians, and other health team member; giving data and information in person and by telephone, communicating problems in computerized scheduling and printing system and recommending corrective action.

Vision: Adequate to perform the essential functions of the job such as entering and retrieving data from computer; reviewing statistics, reports and schedules; preparing written reports; organizing manuals and records; identifying problems in computerized scheduling and printing system and recommending corrective action.

Mental (such as problem solving, cognitive reasoning, communication skills, attention and memory, reading, writing and arithmetic): Adequate to perform the essential functions of the job such as entering data in the computer accurately; recognizing problems and responding with solutions; producing accurate detailed reports and recommendation for improvement.


  1. Employees Reporting to this Job
    1. Approximate number of FTEs reporting to this job: None
    2. Job titles of employees reporting to this job: None
  2. Primary Customers Receiving Services or Goods from this Job
    1. Internal

      [X] other team members

      [X] other departments within the facility

      [X] other entities within the health system

      [X] physicians

      [X] volunteers

      [X] other:

      [X] patients and families

      [X] visitors

      [ ] community organizations

    2. External

      [   ] payers

      [X] vendors

      [   ] other


Clinical Director                         Date


Policy Effective Date:

Reviewed Date:

Revised Date:

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