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WoundReference wins the Journal of Wound Care Cost-effective Wound Management Award

WoundReference wins the Journal of Wound Care Cost-effective Wound Management Award


WoundReference wins the Journal of Wound Care Cost-effective Wound Management Award

The Award Entry in a Nutshell

Local wound dressing formularies reinforce use of clinically appropriate and cost-effective products. The process of creating and maintaining a local wound dressing formulary is a multi-step approach that is time-consuming and discouraging to clinicians. Furthermore, the traditional intranet/print formats limit point-of-care access and interdepartmental dissemination. 

To promote cost-effective wound care, our team developed a point-of-care solution - the WoundReference Formulary Module (FM) – streamlining creation and management of wound care formularies. Content and tools of the FM that facilitate formulary decisions are based on internationally recognized clinical guidelines, systematic reviews and meta-analyses that are relevant to most countries. Impact of FM implementation in a U.S. hospital-based wound clinic (Newton Medical Center in Kansas) translates into a 36% decrease in product number, inventory cost savings of 7% and increased staff efficiency.

See more details on the WoundReference FM on "How to set up and optimize your wound care formulary" and get your formulary started with a Free Basic Account.

The Ceremony 

Receiving the Cost-effectiveness JWC Award was an inexpressible event in itself. WoundReference is a self-funded, digital health startup propelled by a passionate, multi-professional team whose mission is to empower wound care clinicians to achieve better outcomes more efficiently. Having our efforts acknowledged by the JWC, a world-renowned authority in cost-effectiveness, is an honor for which we will be always thankful as we continue to pursue our mission. 

Our Advisor Catherine T. Milne, APRN, MSN, CWOCN-AP receiving the The Cost-effective Wound Management JWC Award on behalf of the WoundReference Team at the ceremony organized by The Journal of Wound Care at the Banking Hall in London on March 1st, 2019

The JWC Awards

The JWC Awards "recognise the hard work done by health care professionals in all fields of wound care, to benchmark standards within wound care and to highlight the great contribution that nurses, clinicians, scientists, researchers and academics make to the development of wound-care research and practice. Winners are chosen by a prominent panel of expert judges that is representative of the diversity of disciplines and organisations that make up the sector. The judges will have the knowledge and experience to assess each entry according to its objectives and available resources and budget."

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