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This topic provides the steps for collecting a superficial wound swab for wound culture and susceptibilities (C&S) when there is a suspected wound infection.
... Know the hemostatic agents available in your facility, and how to obtain them
... Products that inhibit collagenase enzymatic activity · Categories · Local Wound Care · Debridement - Procedures, Protocols, Tools · Products that 
... Debridement by Nurses in the United States. ↓ ↑ ✖ 0. Select Language ​ ▽. Categories · Local Wound Care · Debridement - Procedures, Protocols, Tools; State- ...
Debridement is an important step in optimizing a wound or ulcer for functional healing. This evidence-based topic provides clinical, coverage and ...
... For a tool that indicates if procedure codes commonly used in wound care and HBOT are eligible for payment when reported together, see topic " 
... Step-by-step protocols with video: Pre-procedure, During the Procedure and Post-procedure
[5] See topic "Dressing Essentials"; Provide analgesia before dressing changes, debridement and other procedures and as needed.[6] The World Health Organization ...
Routine chamber inspections should be conducted to confirm chamber maintenance procedures and the safe operation of all equipment utilized during HBOT. To ...
... NCCI Procedure-to-Procedure (PTP) code pair edits are automated prepayment edits that prevent improper payment when certain codes are 
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