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Hinchliffe, R J; Brownrigg, J R W; Apelqvist, J; Boyko, E J; Fitridge, R; Mills, J L; Reekers, J; Shearman, C P; Zierler, R E; Schaper, N C; International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot, et al.
Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews. Date of publication 2016 Jan 1;volume 32 Suppl 1():37-44.
Appears in following Topics:
Diabetic Foot Ulcer - Introduction and Assessment
How to Select Adequate Compression Therapy Pressure Levels and Products
Venous ulcers - Introduction and Assessment
Diabetic Foot Ulcer - Treatment
Diabetic Foot Ulcer Associated with Ischemia - Management
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Arterial Ulcer - Introduction and Assessment
Arterial Ulcer - Surgical Treatment
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