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Song EH, Milne CT, Hamm T, Mize J, Lebendiskaya N, Robinson S, Ensz E, Schoenfeld DA, Whiston-Lemm K, Wong AK, Ferreira L, et al.
Wounds : a compendium of clinical research and practice. Date of publication 2019 Apr 1;volume 31(4):E21-E24.
1. Wounds. 2019 Apr;31(4):E21-E24. A New Mobile-responsive Solution to Increase Patient Adherence: Instant Personalized Product Handouts. Song EH(1), Milne CT(2), Hamm T(1), Mize J(1), Lebendiskaya N(3), Robinson S(4), Ensz E(4), Schoenfeld DA(4), Whiston-Lemm K(5), Wong AK(6), Ferreira L(7). Author information: (1)Wound Reference, Inc, San Francisco, CA. (2)Connecticut Clinical Nursing Associates, Bristol, CT. (3)Kaiser Performanente, Oakland, CA. (4)Lawrence Memorial Hospital, Lawrence, KS. (5)Queen of the Valley Medical Center, Napa, CA. (6)University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA. (7)Federal University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil. OBJECTIVE: This study aims to develop a solution for clinicians to quickly generate customized product handouts with clinical, coverage, pricing, and supplier information for patients, with the goal of increasing patient adherence. METHODS: Using design thinking methodology, a digital solution was developed as a module within a clinical/reimbursement decision-support web application for wound care and hyperbaric clinicians. The module was tested at 4 wound clinics (beta-sites) located in the Midwest region of the United States following a 1-group posttest study design. RESULTS: Ten clinicians at the 4 beta-sites completed a survey upon evaluation. All respondents indicated they would use the module daily or weekly. Most users (80%) indicated it met their needs very well (vs. moderately or not as much). Nurses who shared handouts with patients found 7 of 8 handouts were useful or very useful in increasing patient adherence to the plan of care. CONCLUSIONS: A digital point-of-care solution that generates customized product handouts with clinical, coverage, pricing, and supplier information may significantly improve patient adherence while saving clinicians time. PMID: 31008719
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