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ISBI Practice Guidelines Committee., Steering Subcommittee., Advisory Subcommittee., et al.
Burns : journal of the International Society for Burn Injuries. Date of publication 2016 Aug 1;volume 42(5):953-1021.
1. Burns. 2016 Aug;42(5):953-1021. doi: 10.1016/j.burns.2016.05.013. ISBI Practice Guidelines for Burn Care. ISBI Practice Guidelines Committee; Steering Subcommittee; Advisory Subcommittee. Collaborators: Ahuja RB(1), Gibran N(2), Greenhalgh D(2), Jeng J(2), Mackie D(3), Moghazy A(4), Moiemen N(5), Palmieri T(2), Peck M(2), Serghiou M(2), Watson S(5), Wilson Y(5), Altamirano AM(6), Atieh B(7), Bolgiani A(8), Carrougher G(2), Edgar D(9), Guerrero L(10), Hanumadass M(2), Hasibuan L(11), Hofland H(12), Icaza I(13), Klein L(14), Matsumura H(15), Nnabuko R(16), Pirat A(17), Puri V(1), Riasa NP(11), Wood F(9), Wu J(18), Zhao-Fan X(18), van Zuijlen P(12). Author information: (1)India. (2)USA. (3)Netherlands. (4)Egypt. (5)UK. (6)Mexico. (7)Lebanon. (8)Argentina. (9)Australia. (10)Columbia, USA. (11)Indonesia. (12)The Netherlands. (13)Nicaragua. (14)Czech Republic. (15)Japan. (16)Nigeria. (17)Turkey. (18)China. Comment in Burns. 2017 Sep;43(6):1364-1366. Burns. 2017 Sep;43(6):1366. Practice guidelines (PGs) are recommendations for diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries, and are designed to define optimal evaluation and management. The first PGs for burn care addressed the issues encountered in developed countries, lacking consideration for circumstances in resource-limited settings (RLS). Thus, the mission of the 2014-2016 committee established by the International Society for Burn Injury (ISBI) was to create PGs for burn care to improve the care of burn patients in both RLS and resource-abundant settings. An important component of this effort is to communicate a consensus opinion on recommendations for burn care for different aspects of burn management. An additional goal is to reduce costs by outlining effective and efficient recommendations for management of medical problems specific to burn care. These recommendations are supported by the best research evidence, as well as by expert opinion. Although our vision was the creation of clinical guidelines that could be applicable in RLS, the ISBI PGs for Burn Care have been written to address the needs of burn specialists everywhere in the world. Copyright © 2016. Published by Elsevier Ltd. DOI: 10.1016/j.burns.2016.05.013 PMID: 27542292 [Indexed for MEDLINE]
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