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Snyder, Robert J; Kirsner, Robert S; Warriner, Robert A; Lavery, Lawrence A; Hanft, Jason R; Sheehan, Peter, et al.
Ostomy/wound management. Date of publication 2010 Apr 1;volume 56(4 Suppl):S1-24.
Diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) are a common and serious complication of diabetes mellitus. The presence of an unhealed DFU increases the risk of infection, amputation and death. Low rates of DFU healing remain a challenge. Recognizing these issues, a consensus panel was recently convened to review the evidence and practicalities for the evaluation and treatment of patients with DFUs. This consensus panel seeks to provide clinicians with the clinical markers, evidence and recommendations that, used in conjunction with orderly decision-making and good clinical judgment, will advance the standard of care for the treatment of neuropathic DFUs.
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Diabetic Foot Ulcer - Treatment