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Ukat, A; Konig, M; Vanscheidt, W; Münter, K C, et al.
Journal of Wound Care. Date of publication 2003 Apr 1;volume 12(4):139-143.
OBJECTIVE: To compare the performance of two compression systems, (multilayer elastic [Profore], Smith and Nephew) and (short stretch [Comprilan], Beiersdorf), in the treatment of venous leg ulcers in a randomised controlled trial. METHOD: Eighty-nine patients with venous leg ulcers were randomised to receive treatment with Profore (44 patients) or short-stretch (45 patients) compression bandages. Allevyn (Smith and Nephew) was used as the wound contact layer under both systems. RESULTS: Patients treated with Profore healed significantly faster than those treated with short stretch (p = 0.03) and were 2.9 times more likely to heal at any given time during the study period. Younger wounds healed significantly faster than older wounds (p = 0.01). CONCLUSION: Patients treated with Profore healed faster than those treated with short-stretch bandages. In addition, treatment costs are lower with Profore. In this trial the average cost per patient was [symbol: see text] 1345 (short stretch) and [symbol: see text] 587 (Profore).
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