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Kimberly Cook, RN, CWS

Nurse - CWCA/CWS/CWOCN/Other
Kimberly Cook's Background
Professional Profile:
• A.D.R.N. since 1998
• Certified with the American Board of Wound Management since 2009
• Highly Skilled Wound & Edema / Lymphedema Coordinator since 2004
• Proven Excellence in Patient / Family Advocacy & Care since 1991

• Experienced with MS Office Suite, Open Office Suite, and Multiple Electronic Medical Record Programs.
• Expertly trained with TCOM Device; Compression Wrap Therapy; Manual Lymphatic Drainage Effleurage; Pulse Lavage; Selective Debridement Competent; Management of Denver Drains, P.E.G. tubes, & PICC lines; Blood Draws; I.V. line starts; Clean & Sterile specimen collection; Tracheostomy care; G.I. & G.U. Ostomy care; Fistula Management

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