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Jennifer Perry, BSN, RN, CHRN

Nurse - RN
, Wound care and HBOT
State licensures: IL
About Carle BroMenn Medical Center
Most wounds heal on their own within two to four weeks. However, sometimes they take longer to heal due to blood-flow problems, infection, poor nutrition or an underlying health condition. These wounds may require specialty care.

Carle wound therapy experts include physicians, infectious disease specialists, a podiatrist and certified wound-care nurses.

Coming soon...
  • How to Apply and Remove a Total Contact Cast
    Practical guidance with step-by-step pictures, protocol and tips on how to apply different types of cellular and/or tissue products (CTPs), also known as skin substitutes
  • Patient Education - Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
    Negative Pressure Wound TherapyA healthcare professional applies a foam bandage over an open wound, and a vacuum pump creates negative pressure around the wound. Negative pressure helps wounds heal by: encouraging the growth of new tissue, providing a moist wound healing setting, bringing wound edges together, and removing extra fluid and infectious materials into a canister on the machine.
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