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Haywan Chiu, DPM

Physician - MD/DPM/DO
Private Practice
Haywan Chiu's Background
Dr. Haywan Chiu completed his residency at DVA Palo Alto and Stanford University. Prior to joining private practice, Dr. Chiu was an assistant clinical professor at UNM in the department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation and taught at the VA Albuquerque Podiatric Residency Program. Over his first few years in practice, he developed a passion for diabetic limb salvage. He understands that patients with diabetes live in fear of a leg amputation. Many suffer from severe infections that puts their leg and life at risk requiring hospitalization. A leg amputation often is offered to get rid of the foot infection and can return patients to activity with a prosthesis. However, Dr. Chiu realizes that a lot of people would be willing to do anything to be able to save their foot for many reasons. He is willing and able to offer options for people that are at risk for amputation and will do his best to meet the patient’s wishes. Furthermore, he has developed a minimally invasive surgical technique performed in the office that is safer and has less complications than traditional surgical procedures to heal especially stubborn foot ulcers.

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