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David Charash, DO,CWS,FACEP,FUHM

Physician - MD/DPM/DO
Industry, Wound care and HBOT, Emergency Medicine
State licensures: CT,NY,VA
David Charash's Background
Dr David Charash is Principal in Dive Medicine and Hyperbaric Consultants where he manages client and business relationships. He is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine and Certified by the American Board Of Wound Management as a Certified Wound Specialist. He has lead multiple Wound Centers as Medical Director. He lectures with Wound Education Partners in both Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Care. He lectures Nationally and Internationally on all aspects of Wound Care, Hyperbaric Medicine and Dive Medicine. He is a hyperbaric site surveyor for accreditation with the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Society. Dr Charash is a NOAA Dive Medicine Physician, Certified Dive Fitness Medical Examiner and Divers Alert Network Referral Physician. He works with the Diving Community as a subject matter expert and consultant.

About Dive Medicine and Hyperbaric Consultants
With over 28 years of clinical experience in Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine, we offer our clients a very individualized approach to their specific needs. Our focus is on program growth and staff development with a patient-centric focus. Tailored reviews include review and development of both long and short term strategic planning. Evaluation of Clinical Practice, Staffing, Credentials, Policy and Procedures, Safety, Quality, Documentation, Compliance Coding and Billing are reviewed.

After an initial evaluation and a comprehensive review, recommendations will help guide continued success in your programs growth and development. As such, we offer not only insight into your program, but can maintain an ongoing relationship with continued guidance, feedback and mentoring to your team or organization.

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